Go within. Or…  shhhh 😉

Yes, I can be bossy.  Just try it. Come on.

Even if it’s for only five minutes a day, just be quiet with yourself. I know it can be difficult. Try it for one week. I know many of you don’t think you have time for that. I understand. I was raised in a poverty thinking household. But there are 86,400 seconds in every day. EVERY day. And if you just quiet your brain for 300 of those on a regular basis, I’m sure you’d notice a difference.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step back and let go of the outside world.  Be still. If you’re someone who’s near a panic attack at thought of this, then start with just one minute a day.

Here are a few ideas:

Set a timer for 1-5 minutes. That way you might not watch the clock. 😉

Pet your dog or cat.

Hold a rosary, prayer beads or seashell.

Watch a burning candle or bird feeder.

Slowly and softly rub your palms together, noticing what you feel and appreciating these fine tools of yours.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, gently allowing these sounds to disappear into the background of your own breathing.

There is plenty of information about meditation on the web, including at the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Like anything else, meditation and mindfulness get easier with practice.  Keep trying and find what works for you. And keep me posted!

Blue skies,


PS: This is #3 in the thirty-one day challenge. Yes, I noticed the theme is similar to post #1. Wasn’t intentional, just happen to both be important topics.


Twenty-one days with no coffee.  Starting today.  No coffee, no cappucino, latte, espresso…  Oh my.

It’s time for some change.  I get it.  I know it. I understand it.  I teach about it.  Change = SR.  Even good change causes the physiological stress response (SR).  And one of the ways I have habitually dealt with stress is to eat.  And for various reasons like many of you, I have not been moving my ass much.  I sit for work alot now.  It’s been the cold & dark season.  Feeling sluggish…  pants are tight…  I know I am not alone… 

But why coffee? Why would you want to give up that, people ask? Especially when they know how much I love it.  But coffee is a morning ritual.  And serious change needs serious morning shifts.  Jolts to the system, if you will.  I know that I feel better when I get up in the morning, eat a bite and move.  I know that.  Yet, it doesn’t seem to happen.  Coffee by the pot?  Sure.  Food before noon? Huh? Ohhh, oh yeah… I should eat something… 

My partner wants to quit the cigarettes.  Coffee and a smoke go hand in hand…  

So this morning we began.  Took the coffee maker off the counter and said YES to ourselves.

This is not about entirely giving up caffiene, or giving up coffee forever.  It is about creating shifts & seeking balance.  Choosing health.  Every decision we make is one step toward it or away.  And this is just one of those decisions, or steps.  I probably will drink coffee again.  But for now, the smell of the beans will have to suffice.  I’ll keep you posted.  😉

Be well, do good & smile often.  ~Diane