A common question is, How did you get into massage therapy?


I half-jokingly tell people that I was smacked upside the head and told this is what’s next. It was pretty much like that, after all. I was definitely looking for a new career after a decade in horticulture. Massage therapy came out of the blue. I’d had one professional massage in my life at that time.

…people laughed. …made sex jokes. …shook their heads.

‘What are you doing now, Diane?’, my family members would ask (often with disdain, or at least, that’s how I interpreted it). Friends wereMother Mary somewhat more supportive. Disclaimer: My mother was always supportive of my decision. She knew it would be good for me. Thanks, Mom. I love you. 

Seriously though, I was truly led (or called) into massage therapy. It was just suddenly very clear that this was what I was meant to do next. Or at least consider it.  So I went to an open house at AIAM… It seemed like a good fit, and within a few weeks I was a massage therapy student. With NO clue. No idea that massage school wasn’t just another course of study. No clue that it would become a way of being in the world. The massage No idea that I would end up in massage education.  It makes sense when I look back: I’ve always been training people and developing programs for that purpose. The helping people and making them feel better always made sense.

Massage has taught me SO many things. I would never have dreamed that it could be such a powerful healing tool. That it could help me find and create such a vast community. That it would provide me with so many blessings. 

I have mentioned many times times how much I love working with my clients and students. Helping them to find themselves and feel their bodies, helping them to move easier, feel better, learn more, live better.  Massage does all that. For them. And for me.

I’m not just a massage therapist, I’m a massage client and advocate, too. 


So, why massage? Why not? It’s not just a career, it’s an adventure!

Be Love, Diane

PS: If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about massage therapy, KCCC Massage has a blog over at Beyond the Massage Table.

PS2: This is 9/20 for the February Blogging Challenge (I think 😉)



In case you haven’t heard, we shut our cable off last week. Yes, shut off. As in, called the cable company and had them pick up their equipment. All of it. (Must admit, the two days we were without Internet was a bit stressful. That’s another conversation though.) 

What are you thinking?!

What are you thinking?!

We have agreed to take a year off television.  I know, I know. Some of you are thrilled. And some people have been truly shocked and even seem a bit dismayed. ‘What?!’, they exclaim.

You have that big TV and you’re NOT going to watch it?!

WHY would you do that?!

WHAT will you do?!

In an attempt to answer these questions and quell some concerns YOU may have, here goes…

Yes, we will still be using our television. Sometimes. (hmm… key word) Actually, we already did. For a game called Scene It. 🙂

We have Wii, so breaking out the dance and hula hoop competitions is always an option! We have discussed re-upping our Netflix subscription; although with the warm season coming, that probably won’t happen any time soon. We can connect the computer to it and spend some time looking at the thousands of photos I have taken over the years. In other words, plenty of choices. Just not the usual suspects. (And let’s not forget Hulu for when I can’t stand it and have to watch Grey’s Anatomy.)

Although we discussed the increasing costs, it really wasn’t about the money. What it boiled down to for us was identifying where we were spending our time and energy. We all like to do other things, and the television can be such a distraction.  laughing girlsYou may choose not to bring junk food into the house; we are opting not to stream in 150+ channels of mostly crap. Suz & I have both lived without TV before, and Em uses her computer more than anything. We’ll be fine. Trust me.

We’ll continue to get our news from the Dispatch & WCBE, as well as the CNN apps on our phones. We’ll continue to entertain ourselves with the Internet. (I’m not giving up Instagram, after all!)  With LESS TV distraction, we are looking forward to MORE. More games & laughter. More reading & writing. More talking & singing. More sharing & connecting. More fun! One of my favorite F words, as you know. 😉

Please don’t worry. We will be all right. I promise. I may not be able to give up sugar yet, but this one’s easy. We got it.

Be Love, Diane

PS.This is 8/20 in the February Blogging Challenge. In case you’re keeping track. Between family time and two days without Internet, I’ve gotten behind. Guess what though? Still having fun!


I have missed two days of blogging for the inspirational Business Blogging School Challenge. Oops! How did that happen?! 

The past two days have been full of other things. Still, there has been a lot of blog talk & more happening around here! You can read more about that at Beyond the Massage Table though. This post is about Community. And Love.

It is Valentine’s Day, after all. 😉

two things

First: Thank You

With 23 years in Columbus, and 10 years in the Massage Therapy field, I am thoroughly blessed with an amazing community. Friends, neighbors, colleagues, students, clients, and family of choice. So many of you have added to my Life in more ways than you know, and I am lucky enough to meet wonderful new people every day! Thank You. For what you have brought, and what you will bring. We are all connected. Knowing that you are there, witnessing and holding space for each others’ sorrows & joys makes my heart sing. Thank You.

Second: You Are Love

And loved. All of you. Exactly as you as are. Perfectly imperfect. Human. And SO much more. Which brings us back to my original statement: You are Love. In other words… you are made of Love. You have the capability to love. Unconditionally. It’s not always easy. It can be done. Love. WMade with Loveithout reservation. That doesn’t mean you have to like everyone, or everything. You don’t have to tolerate or condone. But. You can love. You are Love.

Love. Such a powerful word. So many meanings. Try this one on:


love = a reverent attitude for every being

It fits? Great! Wear it around. Like a good pair of jeans, it gets more comfortable every day.

Doesn’t fit? Okay. Grab another pair and try again.

Happy heart day to you and yours. Today and every day.

Be Love, Diane

Or your girlfriend?

In my case, yes to both. Asleep in bed. Where I should be.

And yet, if my girl woke up right now, she would probably check her phone and read a text that says ‘I’m leaving work now’. An hour ago. But here I sit. Why, you ask? Why on earth am I still in my office at 1am? Not because I’m writing post #7 for the February Blogging Challenge. (That’s why I’ll still be here at 1:30.) 

No, I’m still here because I love what I do… AND because I’m thinking of taking Thursday afternoon off… some ME time.  Which means I need to make sure I get everything done that needs to be done.

I’m also here because of a great conversation with one of my colleagues after class tonight. One of the things we discussed is those Lightbulb Moments, and how much we enjoy seeing them in students.  We also talked about this whole blogging concept and the challenges of sharing yourself with others.

As I mentioned in last week’s Bliss Report, sometimes my brains spins pretty fast. That’s definitely the case right now (and as much as I’d like to write more) since I have an 11am client, I’m going to try to slow it down a bit. Luckily I’ve got an hour drive to do that.

Did I mention my day started with helping to celebrate a 95th birthday?! And got better after that divine bliss?!

Okay, enough Diane… Stop. Now.  

Goodnight lovelies.

Be Love, Diane

PS: My schedule’s not always like this. If you already know that, you must have read along for the ride. If not, join us!



116It’s 6:30 on a Sunday morning. A quiet time of day most anywhere (at least at our house), it’s just me and the cats this morning.  A great time for a little blog writing. After I go make a cup of coffee…

Okay, that’s better.  What was I thinking? It’s too dark and too cold for no coffee. Warm coffee and pictures of early morning sunrise in warm climates always help. 😉

As much as I love being my own boss, I often wake up thinking about work. Somewhere between 5:30 and 7:30am (depending on the season and my schedule requirements). Every day is a different ~ one of my favorite things about my career, as I mentioned in Along for the ride. For an Aquarius, this diversity and flexibility can be divine!

Today I woke up thinking about the post I was supposed to have written yesterday (oops), did some stretches and immediately sat down at the computer.  I know, I know. I could write several and then schedule them to post, but I’m just not there yet. It’s okay. I’ve been reading Dawn & Kelli’s emails from the Blogging Business School, and their helpful reminder to ‘have fun’ with this challenge does wonders for a recovering, self-flagellating, perfectionist like me. 

One of the things I have wanted to do for over a year now, is create a blog for KCCC Massage, the school where my titles are Program Coordinator and Instructor. This challenge has helped get that started.  Our students are excited (well, some of them anyway) to be joining in the fun!  If you want to follow us there, pop over to Beyond the Massage Table. We’d love to see you! Over there you’ll be hearing from teachers, students, staff, and mentors. It’s all things massage therapy and school related. I can’t wait to watch it develop!

Sundays are Family Day in my world. Almost always. Today’s no different. I could write more, but I think I’ll go put that chicken in the pot. Homemade soup. Yum.

Shhh… I may still have a little bit of quiet time. 😉

Be Love, Diane

(This is #5 in the February Challenge if you’re counting).

174When I start to think about what to write, my mind either goes blank OR spins with the possibilities, which is really no better. So here we are at post #3, and I have now procrastinated to the point of having to write every day. No surprise there. 😉

I think today is going to be about sharing my smiles.  One day my friend Reg (A writer, among other things. Her blog Peering Into Fog Making Sense of My Mother’s Alzheimer’s may be of interest to some of you.) called up and left me a message. It started with, “I wanted to give you today’s Bliss Report.” It was merely one more reason to love her. Since then, we somewhat regularly call each other with our Bliss Report. It makes having her so far away easier. Good friends are such a blessing, aren’t they? 

Here’s today’s Bliss Report for you:

I am finding my voice. On new levels. Thanks to the fabulous support from ALL of you! Every day I feel less like a fraud. Know myself better. Trust myself more. Turning 40 was good. (For some strange reason I always knew it would be.) Turning 45 was even better. The next five years are going to be amazing!

I have many reasons to smile today. But what really has me jazzed this morning (and most times) is KCCC Massage. Two years ago in January, Knox County Career Center had the courage (Ha. My word. They might say foresight.) to hire me as Coordinator of the Massage Therapy Program.  Part of me knew I could do the job. I had been involved in massage therapy education since 2002; as a student, a janitor, an admissions coordinator, community ed teacher, assistant instructor, lead instructor, clinic manager, program assistant coordinator.

One of my mentors and role models, Kim Fischer (Empowered By Learning) had recommended me for the position. Mary McCabe had to call four times before I could finally tell her that I had submitted my application. I just wasn’t sure I wanted the position. My last experience in a similar role had not been great. Quite challenging in fact. In so many ways. For so many reasons…. mostly the lessons and growth of course.  But my foundation was solid. I had gone to one of the best schools and had many years of working there. That’s why I returned there when invited. But then there was this OPPORTUNITY. One of my favorite words.

It really boiled down to the facts: I was being given an opportunity to work with a solid program with an excellent reputation. An opportunity to work with incredibly respectful, compassionate professionals in every space on the org chart. An opportunity to build and grow the program, to actually DO what my colleagues and I had been talking about for years. To still ‘keep my hands’ in the classroom, teaching students the courses I love. To begin to teach the teachers how to teach. To put my ‘touch’ on the entire educational experience for our future massage therapists.

Once all that sunk in, it was easy. Can’t pass it up.


And so here we are. Two years have gone so fast. We have an amazing team of faculty and staff. Our current ‘crop’ of students are blossoming beautifully! (And a few are starting their own blogs. Fun!)

To get here I have had to give up many things. Sacrifices. We all make them. My family has had to adjust to the tie and energy my other roles take, and I am grateful they understand.  One of the things I surrendered was creating art, although I did discover Instagram last year.  As there was clearly becoming a shift, a dear friend asked me what type of art I was going to create next.  Now I can answer. KCCC Massage. This is it. My current baby. My latest creation.  It is certainly not mine alone. This is a gift of the Universe. For the Universe. 

Thanks to each of you for your leadership & willingness to follow, your support & inspiration.

Be Love, Diane 

PS. What’s YOUR Bliss Report?

Sometimes people have a difficult time believing that I am introverted.  Maybe that’s because I can strike up conversations with almost anyone (if I have to), or because I can stand in front of hundreds of people and talk about topics I am passionate about.  However, the older I get, the more introverted I seem to be.  As a solopreneur in such a unique industry, it is particularly important to network and connect with people in the community. Personally, I use social media to help. We’ll talk more about that later.

Another very important tool is a tip I got from Lisa Gillispie over at Anatomy Conversations. She was sharing her story with one of my classes and telling us how she overcame her “stuff” around networking. Three words: Make it fun. 

That moment and another with a client added to my life purpose. 

Neither woman probably has a clue how much they changed my life with such simple sharing.  We are all teachers. ❤ 

But I digress (surprise, surprise)…

I belong to two wonderful local networking organizations: Awesome Women In Business and DamesBond. Over the years, I have found that these groups resonate most with who I am and want to be. Take some time to discover which organizations work best for you, there are so many possibilities out there! If you need help figuring out how to start, let me know.

Yesterday, I attended an un-conference (DamesProsper) presented by DamesBond.  These fabulous dames have monthly events, but this was an all-day annual kind of thing. I have been a member for years and due to scheduling or personal conflicts (read don’t feel like stepping outside the zone), only seem to get to one-or-two gatherings per year. (Yeah yeah, not the fastest way to make connections with any group. Since I tend to be more tortoise than hare, I’ m relatively cool with it.) 

I was on the fence. ~ Do I go? Do I skip it?

Ugh… that kind of stuff can be fabulous. Or not.

And is way outside my comfort zone, especially in Winter.

Then the email came.

Not one from DamesBond. One from my friend, Cindy (a fantastic e-Merge Realtor by the way). She was just letting some of us know about the DamesProsper event and that she would be there. That was all I needed; to know that someone I truly enjoy spending time with was going to be there.  Someone I already knew to sit next to. Someone who wasn’t going to ask a lot of questions about who I am and what I do. Just like most of my students, I’m not always ready to deal with that. Shh, don’t tell them. 😉

Anyway… after ignoring multiple emails about the event, with one note from a friend, I found the time and money to register. Within the hour.  Yep, sometimes it’s like that, isn’t it? Suddenly you just feel like this is what you should do, where you should be. And sometimes you act on that feeling.

This time I did.

I have to tell you that after years of attending conferences, lectures, classes, networking events and that kind of stuff, I tend to keep my expectations pretty low. I figure if I can walk away with one good nugget, or one good connection, I’m golden. Any more is a bonus. Well… yesterday was the goose that laid the golden egg. 

The presenters were fabulous; the women compassionate, generous, talented, and wise; the theme my ideal ~ collaboration.

A truly inspiring day. Thank you Mary B. and Steering Committee! Thank you Cindy and all of you brilliant shining women, for sharing yourselves, being authentic, and mostly, for having my back! I feel you. I know you’re there. And even though it’s waaayyyyy outside my zone… I’m going to let you stay there. Lean on you. 

Thank you for yesterday and for many tomorrows.

PS.This event was made EXTRA FUN by the fact that it was held at Shadowbox Live, with great food, drinks and entertainment! A local gem. If you haven’t been there, get going.

PPS. This post (2/20 in the February Blog Challenge) was inspired by Susan Duve of Royal Fireworks Sauces. Thanks Susan, this one’s for you!