School’s In Session

Go within. Or…  shhhh 😉

Yes, I can be bossy.  Just try it. Come on.

Even if it’s for only five minutes a day, just be quiet with yourself. I know it can be difficult. Try it for one week. I know many of you don’t think you have time for that. I understand. I was raised in a poverty thinking household. But there are 86,400 seconds in every day. EVERY day. And if you just quiet your brain for 300 of those on a regular basis, I’m sure you’d notice a difference.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step back and let go of the outside world.  Be still. If you’re someone who’s near a panic attack at thought of this, then start with just one minute a day.

Here are a few ideas:

Set a timer for 1-5 minutes. That way you might not watch the clock. 😉

Pet your dog or cat.

Hold a rosary, prayer beads or seashell.

Watch a burning candle or bird feeder.

Slowly and softly rub your palms together, noticing what you feel and appreciating these fine tools of yours.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, gently allowing these sounds to disappear into the background of your own breathing.

There is plenty of information about meditation on the web, including at the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Like anything else, meditation and mindfulness get easier with practice.  Keep trying and find what works for you. And keep me posted!

Blue skies,


PS: This is #3 in the thirty-one day challenge. Yes, I noticed the theme is similar to post #1. Wasn’t intentional, just happen to both be important topics.


After much procrastination and playing with widgets this morning, I eeked out #1 of the Summer Blogging Challenge before heading into the classroom at KCCC Massage.   Hope you enjoy it and pay a little more attention to your breaths today.

Blue skies, Diane

bee breaths.

That title came from the fact that this is only 10/20 posts in the February Blogging Challenge. And then I was reminded of a student’s similar response with an assignment I had given. Satisfactory? she asked.  That’s my grade? That’s not okay. It’s only 50%.

That’s how part of me feels right now. I could have done better. Never good enough. ya ya. (woohoo! sidebar observation: that part of me is smaller than ever!) But hey, guess what? I wrote ten more blog posts than I had this time last month. And I’ve inspired (ummm… assigned) all of our current students and instructors to join me in this blogging “thing”. Actually, several of them are excited (a teacher’s dream come true) and it has been fantastic to read the posts as they come in.

They are required to write one post per month about the given categories. Pretty much free rein.

My goal is to inspire them to find their voices. To improve their written communication skills. To have fun with the amazing technology available. To create community and connection, so that they can thrive ~ personally and professionally.

Every one of my students would probably tell you that I “preach” about a few things.

Love. Of the unconditional variety. It is the foundation for Respect. Which is required in relationships… and they are ALL relationships.

Education. The most important thing a massage therapist can do. For themselves and their clients. Learn. Share. Which leads us to…

Growth. If you don’t work through your own shit, it WILL effect everything. And everyone around you.

And so, we all learn and grow. As students and as teachers. The blogging assignment was a replacement for an earlier assignment, which was simply not as good a teaching tool as this. I’m striving for a 100% with this.

Blue skies,


PS. This was my blog post for March. Found un-posted. In early May. oops…  0%

I am continually talking with students about the importance of educating people about massage. This morning presented with yet another reason to discuss this. A student shared a website she stumbled across… eroticmp dot com, as is erotic massage parlors. She also expressed her outrage and desire to do something about this. In my humble opinion, the key is education.

It is not my intention to discuss the morality of this situation, just the reality. Let’s be honest here. Sex and selling sex are not going away. Legal or illegal. They call prostitution the oldest profession for a reason after all. And because our culture (big generalization I know) often associates touch with sex, massage therapists sometimes get more than they bargained for in business. And clients may get less (as in, those seeking “happy endings”).

Although I would love to not have to teach about this in massage school, the reality does not support this. There probably aren’t too many massage therapists out there who haven’t gotten at least one call from someone looking for more than just a massage, and we each handle those calls/clients differently. Because prostitution is illegal here, the questions are often veiled… I never would have guessed that requests for abdominal massage were “code” for ‘Will you touch my penis?’ until it happened to me.

One of my professional favorite responses is to explain what LMT* stands for, and to clarify that someone with those letters behind their name will not be the “masseuse” they are seeking. One of my personal favorites is a therapist who gives out the number to the local police station as a referral. (Oh I’m sorry, I don’t do that kind of massage. You want to call…)

Aside from dealing with these individuals one at a time, what else can we do? Speak out. Speak up. Write letters. Articles. Blogs. Open the doors. Explain what we do as massage therapists. Invite people to watch. And learn.

*In Ohio, LMT represents Licensed Massage Therapist. A healthcare practitioner with a Limited Branch Medical License from the Ohio State Medical Board, who have completed a program of study that is a minimum of 750 hours (current requirements) and passed a licensure examination.