It’s Business Too


There is a big river of change happening in my world right now! Some very exciting and delightful stuff! And yet, ‘bad’ or ‘good’, stress is stress… so my body is reacting in the expected ways…

elevated blood pressure

increased muscle tension

decreased digestive activity

…and more. However, all that aside. I can’t wait!

I am moving my practice. Again. Yes, turns out I’m one of those therapists who moves around. In counting them up, this will make #6 in 9 years, plus the few clients I had at two different homes, so technically it’s 8… I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that, and yet, so what. I have always had a small practice with both short- and long-term clients. Life has happened and I have made choices. And am continually amazed and honored with how far clients will travel to see me. To be clear, I always wanted a small practice. I enjoy only seeing 10-12 clients a week, it allows me to really focus on them. That’s one of things I’ve always loved about massage therapy, the ability to work a part-time flexible schedule and do other things. Turns out mostly what I’ve done is teach massage therapy. Not exactly what I envisioned or thought I wanted, and yet clearly where I’ve belonged.

Having admitted all that about the moves, my blood pressure is higher thinking about this post. Is it cocktail time?

In all of my forty-five years, the longest I’ve lived in one place is six years, the shortest, one night. So, I suppose I’m not really surprised my practice has moved around so much. As it gets slightly less painful to think about, I lean into this new relocation. A true blessing. A home for my business. My soul.

Worth the wait. A place where the land is peaceful and the air fresh. A place where community matters and collaboration count. Something I’ve dreamed of in so many ways. A place to retreat, learn and share. If you’re wondering about the Center:

We are a cooperative of independent, holistically minded practitioners, educators, and service providers.

We come together because collaboration and community are important to us.

Together we can provide for our community, and each other, in a way no one of us could alone.

Movers, know that amazing things are possible! Each experience gives us valuable lessons. Enjoy your steps along the path, and let me know how you’re doing. I’ll keep you posted on my changes too.

By the way, this Bliss Report/Confession is post #2 in a thirty-one day challenge.


In 2012, these things and so much more happened:

  • Graduated ten delightful massage students. Started fourteen more.
  • Married three wonderful couples. In three entirely different settings.
  • Attended the National Massage Therapy Convention in Raleigh, NC.
  • Lost an Assistant Instructor to a better purpose. Found an awesome one.
  • Watched our Instructors and Students grow and learn. Did so myself.
  • Spent a little quality time with three shining sisters. Missed one star.
  • Became a better partner and a better person every day. I hope.

Happy Solstice!  I wish you coziness & peace on the warmest night of the year, and every other.



It is often said that you should not discuss religion and politics, especially in your business life.  And I often refrained from it… and then came facebook.  Haha. I really don’t discuss too much on either topic specifically, however… two things I’ve learned in my 43 years are that


It is with this foundation and my love of honest, open dialogue that I walk the line of social media in today’s world.  With 700+ “friends” and more inquiring every day, the rules are constantly changing.  As a Coordinator of a Massage Therapy program, my business is no longer just my own.  Recognizing that I may offend, annoy or disturb people with something I post is part of the game.   (The ‘people pleaser’ in me has dissipated since I turned 40, so this part is getting a bit easier.)

However… I value sharing, healing, learning and growing too much to stop now.  I have only just found my voice. And thanks to women like Danielle LaPorte and Allissa Haines, I am inspired and motivated to use it! 

Have a nice day, and I’ll see you in the web…        

Family, Friends, Clients, & Colleagues,

Happy Summer! This year has brought lots of exciting career change, including a new studio at 3474 North High Street in Clintonville. I am pleased to combine my passions for creativity & bodywork under one roof, and look forward to seeing you there. Availability: Mondays 12-7, Fridays 12-7 and Saturdays 10-2.

I have not yet resumed the newsletters, but plan to do so this autumn. Thank you for your continued interest and inspiration.

My position as Coordinator at the Knox County Career Center School of Massage Therapy has kept me busy, and I am loving it! We have a wonderfully established program with a 95% State Medical Board passage rate overall, and 100% in 2010. The quality and passion of the instructors and administration is a blessing to work with.

Although I miss my AIAM family, there have been several opportunities to visit with and see many of you, thank goodness.

Saturday, July 23rd KCCC is hosting a Massage & Alumni Gathering from 1-4pm. This event is open to massage therapists, graduates, students and their loved ones. There is a beautiful children’s garden and green space to play in. We will be grilling, and you are welcome to bring a dish or snack to share. A brief presentation on marketing your business will be offered for those who are interested. If you plan on attending, just let us know @740.393.2933 ext 1115 or

Take care of yourselves, and enjoy the sun! ~diane

Family, Friends, Clients, & Colleagues,

Happy July! I hope this finds you & your loved ones well. We have certainly been blessed with some wonderful temperatures and blue skies! My tomatoes would really appreciate a bit more warmth, but most humans I’ve spoken with are quite content this weather.

I will be on vacation from August 3rd – 10th, and only have a few remaining appointments available for next week and the week I return. Call or email to reserve one soon, or you may have to wait until after August 18th.

There is an upcoming Treat Your Feet massage class that may interest you. For more information, see the previous post.

My teaching schedule is out for the autumn quarter, and it is a full one. Beginning in September, I will look forward to seeing clients Mondays 12-4, Thursdays 12-6, Fridays 9-6 and Saturdays 9-2. I will have some Monday evenings available as well. Please remember that it is always best to schedule as far in advance if possible, to ensure your preferred time slot.

Speaking of planning ahead, this is the time to book your back-to-school and holiday massage parties. My calendar is filling up quickly! These parties are so much fun for everyone, and a nice break from the routine.

These updates are meant to be a useful and fun tool for you, so please feel free to provide your input! Drop me a line and let me know what you’d like to see in the future. Thank you, Diane