Bliss Reports


There is a big river of change happening in my world right now! Some very exciting and delightful stuff! And yet, ‘bad’ or ‘good’, stress is stress… so my body is reacting in the expected ways…

elevated blood pressure

increased muscle tension

decreased digestive activity

…and more. However, all that aside. I can’t wait!

I am moving my practice. Again. Yes, turns out I’m one of those therapists who moves around. In counting them up, this will make #6 in 9 years, plus the few clients I had at two different homes, so technically it’s 8… I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that, and yet, so what. I have always had a small practice with both short- and long-term clients. Life has happened and I have made choices. And am continually amazed and honored with how far clients will travel to see me. To be clear, I always wanted a small practice. I enjoy only seeing 10-12 clients a week, it allows me to really focus on them. That’s one of things I’ve always loved about massage therapy, the ability to work a part-time flexible schedule and do other things. Turns out mostly what I’ve done is teach massage therapy. Not exactly what I envisioned or thought I wanted, and yet clearly where I’ve belonged.

Having admitted all that about the moves, my blood pressure is higher thinking about this post. Is it cocktail time?

In all of my forty-five years, the longest I’ve lived in one place is six years, the shortest, one night. So, I suppose I’m not really surprised my practice has moved around so much. As it gets slightly less painful to think about, I lean into this new relocation. A true blessing. A home for my business. My soul.

Worth the wait. A place where the land is peaceful and the air fresh. A place where community matters and collaboration count. Something I’ve dreamed of in so many ways. A place to retreat, learn and share. If you’re wondering about the Center:

We are a cooperative of independent, holistically minded practitioners, educators, and service providers.

We come together because collaboration and community are important to us.

Together we can provide for our community, and each other, in a way no one of us could alone.

Movers, know that amazing things are possible! Each experience gives us valuable lessons. Enjoy your steps along the path, and let me know how you’re doing. I’ll keep you posted on my changes too.

By the way, this Bliss Report/Confession is post #2 in a thirty-one day challenge.


In case you haven’t heard, we shut our cable off last week. Yes, shut off. As in, called the cable company and had them pick up their equipment. All of it. (Must admit, the two days we were without Internet was a bit stressful. That’s another conversation though.) 

What are you thinking?!

What are you thinking?!

We have agreed to take a year off television.  I know, I know. Some of you are thrilled. And some people have been truly shocked and even seem a bit dismayed. ‘What?!’, they exclaim.

You have that big TV and you’re NOT going to watch it?!

WHY would you do that?!

WHAT will you do?!

In an attempt to answer these questions and quell some concerns YOU may have, here goes…

Yes, we will still be using our television. Sometimes. (hmm… key word) Actually, we already did. For a game called Scene It. 🙂

We have Wii, so breaking out the dance and hula hoop competitions is always an option! We have discussed re-upping our Netflix subscription; although with the warm season coming, that probably won’t happen any time soon. We can connect the computer to it and spend some time looking at the thousands of photos I have taken over the years. In other words, plenty of choices. Just not the usual suspects. (And let’s not forget Hulu for when I can’t stand it and have to watch Grey’s Anatomy.)

Although we discussed the increasing costs, it really wasn’t about the money. What it boiled down to for us was identifying where we were spending our time and energy. We all like to do other things, and the television can be such a distraction.  laughing girlsYou may choose not to bring junk food into the house; we are opting not to stream in 150+ channels of mostly crap. Suz & I have both lived without TV before, and Em uses her computer more than anything. We’ll be fine. Trust me.

We’ll continue to get our news from the Dispatch & WCBE, as well as the CNN apps on our phones. We’ll continue to entertain ourselves with the Internet. (I’m not giving up Instagram, after all!)  With LESS TV distraction, we are looking forward to MORE. More games & laughter. More reading & writing. More talking & singing. More sharing & connecting. More fun! One of my favorite F words, as you know. 😉

Please don’t worry. We will be all right. I promise. I may not be able to give up sugar yet, but this one’s easy. We got it.

Be Love, Diane

PS.This is 8/20 in the February Blogging Challenge. In case you’re keeping track. Between family time and two days without Internet, I’ve gotten behind. Guess what though? Still having fun!


174When I start to think about what to write, my mind either goes blank OR spins with the possibilities, which is really no better. So here we are at post #3, and I have now procrastinated to the point of having to write every day. No surprise there. 😉

I think today is going to be about sharing my smiles.  One day my friend Reg (A writer, among other things. Her blog Peering Into Fog Making Sense of My Mother’s Alzheimer’s may be of interest to some of you.) called up and left me a message. It started with, “I wanted to give you today’s Bliss Report.” It was merely one more reason to love her. Since then, we somewhat regularly call each other with our Bliss Report. It makes having her so far away easier. Good friends are such a blessing, aren’t they? 

Here’s today’s Bliss Report for you:

I am finding my voice. On new levels. Thanks to the fabulous support from ALL of you! Every day I feel less like a fraud. Know myself better. Trust myself more. Turning 40 was good. (For some strange reason I always knew it would be.) Turning 45 was even better. The next five years are going to be amazing!

I have many reasons to smile today. But what really has me jazzed this morning (and most times) is KCCC Massage. Two years ago in January, Knox County Career Center had the courage (Ha. My word. They might say foresight.) to hire me as Coordinator of the Massage Therapy Program.  Part of me knew I could do the job. I had been involved in massage therapy education since 2002; as a student, a janitor, an admissions coordinator, community ed teacher, assistant instructor, lead instructor, clinic manager, program assistant coordinator.

One of my mentors and role models, Kim Fischer (Empowered By Learning) had recommended me for the position. Mary McCabe had to call four times before I could finally tell her that I had submitted my application. I just wasn’t sure I wanted the position. My last experience in a similar role had not been great. Quite challenging in fact. In so many ways. For so many reasons…. mostly the lessons and growth of course.  But my foundation was solid. I had gone to one of the best schools and had many years of working there. That’s why I returned there when invited. But then there was this OPPORTUNITY. One of my favorite words.

It really boiled down to the facts: I was being given an opportunity to work with a solid program with an excellent reputation. An opportunity to work with incredibly respectful, compassionate professionals in every space on the org chart. An opportunity to build and grow the program, to actually DO what my colleagues and I had been talking about for years. To still ‘keep my hands’ in the classroom, teaching students the courses I love. To begin to teach the teachers how to teach. To put my ‘touch’ on the entire educational experience for our future massage therapists.

Once all that sunk in, it was easy. Can’t pass it up.


And so here we are. Two years have gone so fast. We have an amazing team of faculty and staff. Our current ‘crop’ of students are blossoming beautifully! (And a few are starting their own blogs. Fun!)

To get here I have had to give up many things. Sacrifices. We all make them. My family has had to adjust to the tie and energy my other roles take, and I am grateful they understand.  One of the things I surrendered was creating art, although I did discover Instagram last year.  As there was clearly becoming a shift, a dear friend asked me what type of art I was going to create next.  Now I can answer. KCCC Massage. This is it. My current baby. My latest creation.  It is certainly not mine alone. This is a gift of the Universe. For the Universe. 

Thanks to each of you for your leadership & willingness to follow, your support & inspiration.

Be Love, Diane 

PS. What’s YOUR Bliss Report?