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This is one of the most important conversations we can have. Again and again.


I’m glad we’re responding to this. But I’m not surprised by it, not at all.

It took us long enough to care about the devastating kidnapping of 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria. When we finally did start paying attention (two weeks later), the incident created a media firestorm. Of course it did. It has all the ingredients, really: A villain, who provides shocking media of his villain-ness. Heroes, complete with moral outrage and relatable heartbreak. We even created a catchy hashtag–hello, 2014 activism.

This kidnapping story is a simple, engaging, and heart-wrenching narrative. It allows us to point at someone specific and say “HIM. BAD.” It gives us the opportunity to talk about overwhelming topics. It lets us connect because, regardless of how you feel about oil/abortion/Jesus/Harper/Wall Street/capitalism/Congress, we all know stealing and selling people is not cool.

We don’t know that because we’re morally superior, by the way. We know…

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It’s 20 minutes to midnight on day 6. I’ve written 3 posts for the thirty-one day challenge, which means I’m 3 behind if I don’t start typing…

Blogging can be so challenging sometimes. Maybe because it’s called blogging, sounds soggy and weighty. Anyhoo, it’s not that I can’t think of topics. Even if I couldn’t, Allissa Haines, over at Writing a Blue Streak can help a girl out.

Nope, for me it has to primarily with two things.  Fear and squirrels. The first one is pretty obvious for most of us, so let’s skip to the second. (After a mention of  Orange Acorn’s Weblog and Beyond the Massage Table, our student blog. Both have recent posts about this very topic.) Anyhoo, back to squirrels… I have the attention span of a squirrel sometimes. And after a long (albeit delightful) day of Cognitive Coaching training and coordinating at KCCC Massage, that attention span is even shorter. The teacher in me says ‘finish prepping for class’, the entrepreneur/therapist in me says ‘write, damn it. just write’, and the student says ‘sleep? please!’  I’m opting for 2 & 3 in case you wondered. 😉

To prepare for tonight’s post, I read some of the blogs I follow, decided on a headline and then started writing. About the time I got to the fear and squirrel part, I went to look for “the perfect” picture to use in this post. After 10 minutes, I realized I was perhaps being a bit silly, and should consider the sleep factor.

I’m looking forward to day 5 of the seminar, and to reviewing with the seniors tomorrow night. And yowsa, here comes another long day. Guess my boss was right… I do live, breathe and eat this stuff. Hmmm…

Sweet dreams.

PS: 4 and counting

Or your girlfriend?

In my case, yes to both. Asleep in bed. Where I should be.

And yet, if my girl woke up right now, she would probably check her phone and read a text that says ‘I’m leaving work now’. An hour ago. But here I sit. Why, you ask? Why on earth am I still in my office at 1am? Not because I’m writing post #7 for the February Blogging Challenge. (That’s why I’ll still be here at 1:30.) 

No, I’m still here because I love what I do… AND because I’m thinking of taking Thursday afternoon off… some ME time.  Which means I need to make sure I get everything done that needs to be done.

I’m also here because of a great conversation with one of my colleagues after class tonight. One of the things we discussed is those Lightbulb Moments, and how much we enjoy seeing them in students.  We also talked about this whole blogging concept and the challenges of sharing yourself with others.

As I mentioned in last week’s Bliss Report, sometimes my brains spins pretty fast. That’s definitely the case right now (and as much as I’d like to write more) since I have an 11am client, I’m going to try to slow it down a bit. Luckily I’ve got an hour drive to do that.

Did I mention my day started with helping to celebrate a 95th birthday?! And got better after that divine bliss?!

Okay, enough Diane… Stop. Now.  

Goodnight lovelies.

Be Love, Diane

PS: My schedule’s not always like this. If you already know that, you must have read along for the ride. If not, join us!



I just love those lightbulb moments.  You know, those times when you have a very clear~ Aha!  Well, that just happened.  In trying to manage myself better, I sat down and using Stephen Covey’s Sharpening the Saw concept, listed my primary roles.  As I sat with that list and the rocks on it, I realized that I was nowhere on the page.  Yes~ they are all my roles, but really as I relate to other people.  Not me as an individual…  makes me wonder if that’s part of why I haven’t been prioritizing myself.  I teach others to do that, and yet (as with many of us), sometimes forget myself.         

Aha!  This week, on my list of primary roles, I included… Person.  🙂

What was your most recent lightbulb moment?

Family, Friends, Clients, & Colleagues,

Happy Summer! This year has brought lots of exciting career change, including a new studio at 3474 North High Street in Clintonville. I am pleased to combine my passions for creativity & bodywork under one roof, and look forward to seeing you there. Availability: Mondays 12-7, Fridays 12-7 and Saturdays 10-2.

I have not yet resumed the newsletters, but plan to do so this autumn. Thank you for your continued interest and inspiration.

My position as Coordinator at the Knox County Career Center School of Massage Therapy has kept me busy, and I am loving it! We have a wonderfully established program with a 95% State Medical Board passage rate overall, and 100% in 2010. The quality and passion of the instructors and administration is a blessing to work with.

Although I miss my AIAM family, there have been several opportunities to visit with and see many of you, thank goodness.

Saturday, July 23rd KCCC is hosting a Massage & Alumni Gathering from 1-4pm. This event is open to massage therapists, graduates, students and their loved ones. There is a beautiful children’s garden and green space to play in. We will be grilling, and you are welcome to bring a dish or snack to share. A brief presentation on marketing your business will be offered for those who are interested. If you plan on attending, just let us know @740.393.2933 ext 1115 or

Take care of yourselves, and enjoy the sun! ~diane

Six days with no coffee, only a few bites of a cookie, and three sodas.  Not Bad.  Add in the eating protein & carb before 10am and less portions at every meal, and I say, Damn Good.  But the cravings…  oh yea baby. They’re still there.  I’m headed in for some acupuncture to help.  It’s been a while since I went under the needles.  Such good stuff!  I’m also hooking up with my friend Lisa and her twelve week program.  Add these in to my regular chiropractic carebodywork, workouts…  and watch out…  I’ll be back to feeling healthy in no time!

I can tell you that after just these few days of making healthier choices and moving my butt, I’m back to feeling in my body.  Nice. I like that.

Dear Personal Trainer,

It’s a good thing we set this plan in motion two weeks ago.  That gave me plenty of time to process through some stuff.  Haha. I have really been aware of my resistance and emotions.  In all honesty,  I have not been totally compliant with my recommended cardio or my food journal.  At first I felt guilty, as I thought about your asking about my committment level.  I could “feel” your judgement about my “lack of effort”.  Then I realized… oh, that’s your shit Diane, not hers.  I was projecting.  After all, any judgement is self-judgement. 

One of the things I love about you is that I can be honest with you.  I can tell you how many times I have already cussed, and we haven’t even hit the gym together yet.  Hehehe.  As I told you then, I am committed, just severely triggered.  I can tell you that I am scared because you are about to kick my ass in a few hours.  Not really afraid, but the vulnerable, exposed kind of nervous.  I can tell you how excited I am to think about how much I will learn and how good I will feel.  I can tell you that I love knowing I can say what is on my mind, or not be too embarrassed by tears that will come.   I can tell you that the “magic number” (weight) that we talked about for my goal intimidates the pee out of me.  I love the idea of it, and believe that it is possible… I just can’t even remember only weighing 175.  As I told you, I remember being a size 14 when I was 14… and then the sizes just kept getting bigger. 

Eff that, I don’t need it.  Don’t need that kind of “safety” and “security” any more.  Don’t need to hold on to anger or resentments.  I am ready to let it go.  For good this time.  Thank you for being there to inspire and support me on this journey.

Love, Diane     

Ok, for those who aren’t my personal trainer…. here’s the skinny.  Pun intended.  My heaviest was just under 300.  Then I dropped down to about 230.  Two weeks ago I stepped on the scale and read 257.  As many, I am not really much of a scale person.  I am more aware of my clothing size.  So let’s go again.  Largest was 26/28 bottom & 22/24 top.  Early last year I was down to a 18/20 bottom & 14/16 top.  Now I am stretching them tight or into a size up.  So.. it is time to make some changes.  

Enter Body360Studios and Lori Boyd, an integral part of this new phase.  I feel blessed.

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