The lake turned over. (If you don’t get that reference, click here ) The past year has been one of big change.

sometimes it's foggy and hard to see the tracks

sometimes it’s foggy and hard to see the tracks in front of you

That was my personal life. A lot of breathing. Feeling. Breathing. Letting go. Breathing…

Professionally, I indicated that I was going to relocate my practice last August. And yet, as I’ve allowed everything to settle… I find this is still not the case. And I’m no longer sure it’s the right time. So for those who’ve been wondering, you can still find me at 3474 N. High Street, with no plans to leave anytime soon.

I love my office. The space, building-mates, location. It all fits well. I also love the All-Life Center for Integrative Well-Being, and look forward to offering workshops there, and perhaps individual sessions as well. But for today, the Clintonville location allows for me to be fully present and engaged in my priorities: self-care, relationships and learning. My clients and students continue to be my main focus, my biggest challenge, and my greatest joy.

On that note, I am inspired (in part due to Urban Acupuncture and their yummy community-based model) to follow through with something I have contemplated since massage school (yes, over a decade)…


Sunfisher Studios is pleased to offer relaxation and therapeutic massage on a sliding scale $40-90, depending on your needs and abilities. You decide what you pay, based on what you can afford. No proof of income is necessary.

You deserve it.

Every body deserves a massage.

sunfisher studios ~ seeking & sharing Light

Sunfisher Studios ~ Seeking & Sharing Light

Our mission is to help you~ be You

a more awake, more engaged, more creative You

a You who moves easier in the world, laughs louder, breathes deeper

Someone who desires to be inspired and to inspire

Dares to be True


Blue skies, Diane

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