It’s 20 minutes to midnight on day 6. I’ve written 3 posts for the thirty-one day challenge, which means I’m 3 behind if I don’t start typing…

Blogging can be so challenging sometimes. Maybe because it’s called blogging, sounds soggy and weighty. Anyhoo, it’s not that I can’t think of topics. Even if I couldn’t, Allissa Haines, over at Writing a Blue Streak can help a girl out.

Nope, for me it has to primarily with two things.  Fear and squirrels. The first one is pretty obvious for most of us, so let’s skip to the second. (After a mention of  Orange Acorn’s Weblog and Beyond the Massage Table, our student blog. Both have recent posts about this very topic.) Anyhoo, back to squirrels… I have the attention span of a squirrel sometimes. And after a long (albeit delightful) day of Cognitive Coaching training and coordinating at KCCC Massage, that attention span is even shorter. The teacher in me says ‘finish prepping for class’, the entrepreneur/therapist in me says ‘write, damn it. just write’, and the student says ‘sleep? please!’  I’m opting for 2 & 3 in case you wondered. 😉

To prepare for tonight’s post, I read some of the blogs I follow, decided on a headline and then started writing. About the time I got to the fear and squirrel part, I went to look for “the perfect” picture to use in this post. After 10 minutes, I realized I was perhaps being a bit silly, and should consider the sleep factor.

I’m looking forward to day 5 of the seminar, and to reviewing with the seniors tomorrow night. And yowsa, here comes another long day. Guess my boss was right… I do live, breathe and eat this stuff. Hmmm…

Sweet dreams.

PS: 4 and counting