In case you haven’t heard, we shut our cable off last week. Yes, shut off. As in, called the cable company and had them pick up their equipment. All of it. (Must admit, the two days we were without Internet was a bit stressful. That’s another conversation though.) 

What are you thinking?!

What are you thinking?!

We have agreed to take a year off television.  I know, I know. Some of you are thrilled. And some people have been truly shocked and even seem a bit dismayed. ‘What?!’, they exclaim.

You have that big TV and you’re NOT going to watch it?!

WHY would you do that?!

WHAT will you do?!

In an attempt to answer these questions and quell some concerns YOU may have, here goes…

Yes, we will still be using our television. Sometimes. (hmm… key word) Actually, we already did. For a game called Scene It. 🙂

We have Wii, so breaking out the dance and hula hoop competitions is always an option! We have discussed re-upping our Netflix subscription; although with the warm season coming, that probably won’t happen any time soon. We can connect the computer to it and spend some time looking at the thousands of photos I have taken over the years. In other words, plenty of choices. Just not the usual suspects. (And let’s not forget Hulu for when I can’t stand it and have to watch Grey’s Anatomy.)

Although we discussed the increasing costs, it really wasn’t about the money. What it boiled down to for us was identifying where we were spending our time and energy. We all like to do other things, and the television can be such a distraction.  laughing girlsYou may choose not to bring junk food into the house; we are opting not to stream in 150+ channels of mostly crap. Suz & I have both lived without TV before, and Em uses her computer more than anything. We’ll be fine. Trust me.

We’ll continue to get our news from the Dispatch & WCBE, as well as the CNN apps on our phones. We’ll continue to entertain ourselves with the Internet. (I’m not giving up Instagram, after all!)  With LESS TV distraction, we are looking forward to MORE. More games & laughter. More reading & writing. More talking & singing. More sharing & connecting. More fun! One of my favorite F words, as you know. 😉

Please don’t worry. We will be all right. I promise. I may not be able to give up sugar yet, but this one’s easy. We got it.

Be Love, Diane

PS.This is 8/20 in the February Blogging Challenge. In case you’re keeping track. Between family time and two days without Internet, I’ve gotten behind. Guess what though? Still having fun!