Or your girlfriend?

In my case, yes to both. Asleep in bed. Where I should be.

And yet, if my girl woke up right now, she would probably check her phone and read a text that says ‘I’m leaving work now’. An hour ago. But here I sit. Why, you ask? Why on earth am I still in my office at 1am? Not because I’m writing post #7 for the February Blogging Challenge. (That’s why I’ll still be here at 1:30.) 

No, I’m still here because I love what I do… AND because I’m thinking of taking Thursday afternoon off… some ME time.  Which means I need to make sure I get everything done that needs to be done.

I’m also here because of a great conversation with one of my colleagues after class tonight. One of the things we discussed is those Lightbulb Moments, and how much we enjoy seeing them in students.  We also talked about this whole blogging concept and the challenges of sharing yourself with others.

As I mentioned in last week’s Bliss Report, sometimes my brains spins pretty fast. That’s definitely the case right now (and as much as I’d like to write more) since I have an 11am client, I’m going to try to slow it down a bit. Luckily I’ve got an hour drive to do that.

Did I mention my day started with helping to celebrate a 95th birthday?! And got better after that divine bliss?!

Okay, enough Diane… Stop. Now.  

Goodnight lovelies.

Be Love, Diane

PS: My schedule’s not always like this. If you already know that, you must have read along for the ride. If not, join us!