A few weeks back, my friend Darrah asked me what my theme was this year. I decided then and there it is


As I told my students, I plan to strengthen my spine. Physically and figuratively. Strengthen in Mind, Body, Spirit. And to help honor that, I accepted a challenge. A challenge to post 20 blog posts in 28 days, Before February 28th. Ugh. Did I really???

Hmm. We’re already on the 4th, and this is my first one. Yep. Sounds about right for me. 😉

So when I sat down to start writing today, I did everything else. Read other blogs, checked in on facebook, answered my emails & text messages, returned a few phone calls. Made coffee. Well… not really. Poured a cup of cold coffee from this morning’s pot. Just like my grandparents. Might as well have a brownie with that.  Went looking for the link to the challenge, so I could supply it for you. (Here it is.) Discovered that the Business Blogging School had a fb page I hadn’t “liked” yet.  Of course, I had to take care of that shiz immediately. Following which I signed up for their email and free e-class. I was sold instantly, after reading this:

  Our first free class for you blogging lovelies is called ‘How to Whip Your Blogging Fears Into Oblivion’, yeah, we know we really should have come up with a better title, however we like the word whip. Not because of that, because we think that you can crack them. 

And when I got Part I in my inbox, it’s like they were talking directly to me. About my challenges. (Isn’t nice to know you’re not alone?) Here’s some of what I read:

You are a real life, flesh and blood person that your customers are doing business with. You aren’t some actor hired to play the part of the ‘friendly business person’ in some big company’s ads. You don’t have to create a backstory because you have one. It’s called your history.

You have experience and expertise. You have personality. You are fun, funny, friendly, warm, grumpy, and you love the sound of rain. You make your friends laugh. You make your mother proud. You make your bed in the morning.

Except I don’t make my bed most mornings. I do however, make people laugh. (And certainly get grumpy, as my family can attest.) As far as experience and expertise, I was blessed to have a group of students tell me that they always learned something about Life in my classes. And if I recall correctly, that was about 30 minutes after class had officially been dismissed. Without anyone leaving.  So I guess at least some people are interested in some things I have to share…

Let me know what you’re interested in reading about. I’ve got at least 19 more of these to go.

(Jeesh.  That’s a whole lotta “I”s. Whew, this is hard. Yet, here I am. Strengthening. Thanks for accompanying me along my journey.)