Not that this is the beginning of an every day thing, dear readers.  As you may know, I’m hard-pressed to commit to almost any thing for every day.  All that aside, today there a word that I would love you to ponder…

consider…  think about…

meditate on…  dream about…




Imagine the possibilities.


See the possibilities? Hear them? Feel them?

Imagine the possibilities.




Excellent! That’s the first step.


Next I would suggest you create a vision board or do some journaling to help remind you of what your heart really desires.  If you’re not sure what a vision board is, or why you would want to create one, consider this from Heather over at Big Girl Life

‘Because it’s like owning your own pair of ruby slippers – a vehicle for attaining your heart’s desires.’


I’ve been making vision boards off-and-on for over ten years now, and generally find them successful.  Sometimes frighteningly so.  Heather’s layout is just a bit too structured for me, which only means that mine tend to look different.  Which is okay. Every one should be unique.  Christine Kane suggests three types of vision boards with five easy steps:   

  1. The “I Know Exactly What I Want” Vision Board 
  2. The “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board
  3. The “Theme” Vision Board


If the thought of this is making you roll your eyes, you may want to read what Martha Beck has to say  in her article What The Heck’s A Vision Board—and How Can It Change Your Life?  She writes:

  This whole process makes me roll my eyes—as I was trained to do over the course of my very rationalist education—but damn if it doesn’t work.


Actually, I am creating two vision boards this year. One is on Pinterest (If you don’t know about that yet, ask someone!), inspired by an article, although again, probably with a bit less structure. We’ll see what comes. For sure I will be following The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business.

Like me, Sunfisher Studios is a work in progress, and it’s exciting to use this fun, social technology to help facilitate the process.  The other board is personal, and we’ll talk more about that another time.  In the meanwhile, imagine.  And if you create a vision board, I’d love to see a picture!

Wishing you blues skies & big love,