Wow! It’s really almost here… 

…the end of the world.  I mean 2012.  A year in which I haven’t written one newsletter. Or one blog post.

Oh wait. I did write one blog post. ONE. On March 18th.  About the changes to Ohio law regarding massage therapy.  You can find it here if you’re interested.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about it.  A LOT. 

And there’s certainly some great inspiration out there, including 101 Prompts for Massage Therapists by Allissa Haines and Kat Mayerovitch at Writing a Blue Streak, and Fear of Blogging by Kelli Wise at Massage Therapy World.

Nope. Not sure.  Possibly all the time with KCCC Massage or Sunfisher Studios.  Could be all the time I’ve been spending on Instagram and Pinterest (visual person after all). Whatever it is, I am here today.  🙂

Thinking back. Planning ahead. Counting a few of my blessings…

Family (Biology/Choice)
Successful Career
Good Health
Big Smiles

All surrounded in Universal Love. Holy Spirit. God. Goddess. Light.

Even in darkness, there is always light. Somewhere.

You are the Light.

Find your spark, and let it shine. A dim light still helps someone find their way.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holy Days,