It is often said that you should not discuss religion and politics, especially in your business life.  And I often refrained from it… and then came facebook.  Haha. I really don’t discuss too much on either topic specifically, however… two things I’ve learned in my 43 years are that


It is with this foundation and my love of honest, open dialogue that I walk the line of social media in today’s world.  With 700+ “friends” and more inquiring every day, the rules are constantly changing.  As a Coordinator of a Massage Therapy program, my business is no longer just my own.  Recognizing that I may offend, annoy or disturb people with something I post is part of the game.   (The ‘people pleaser’ in me has dissipated since I turned 40, so this part is getting a bit easier.)

However… I value sharing, healing, learning and growing too much to stop now.  I have only just found my voice. And thanks to women like Danielle LaPorte and Allissa Haines, I am inspired and motivated to use it! 

Have a nice day, and I’ll see you in the web…