Each one of us has the ability to heal ourselves – and others.
That gift can be awakened and used to transform our lives into something remarkable.  ~National Federation of Spiritual Healers

NFSH Certificated Healing Development Workshop

March 20-21-22, 2009

Harmony House Wellness Center, Powell, Ohio

Over three days you will learn the foundation for energy healing work – whether on yourself, or in a practice. This includes the human energy system, the use of the creative mind, the nature of healing, and
practical application.

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) is the oldest professional healing body in Britain where it is well-respected by the medical profession.

You may have been exposed to energy healing already, and yearned for professional support, development, and structure. With the NFSH now formed in the United States as NFSH – Healing in America, you have
access to this international organization’s structures and experience.

Your NFSH Certified Healing Instructors
Cynthia Rosi, Nancy O’Donohue

Cynthia Rosi is a lifelong, fourth-generation spiritual healer. She’s been a
member of the NFSH since 2000, and has helped hundreds of clients since
her first NFSH class. Cynthia practices at Harmony House in Powell, Ohio.

Nancy O’Donohue has practiced energy healing for over 20 years and has taught spirituality workshops in the U.S., Europe and Australia. A healer member of the NFSH, her healing practice includes people, pets and horses.

For further information contact:

Cynthia Rosi 614-579-3479 or e-mail: Cynthia@CynthiaRosi.com or  Nancy O’Donohue 269-929-6796 or e-mail: joy@LakeshoreHealing.com

Healing In America – Ohio, 420 West Olentangy St., Powell, OH 43065     614-579-3479