This is one of the most important conversations we can have. Again and again.


I’m glad we’re responding to this. But I’m not surprised by it, not at all.

It took us long enough to care about the devastating kidnapping of 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria. When we finally did start paying attention (two weeks later), the incident created a media firestorm. Of course it did. It has all the ingredients, really: A villain, who provides shocking media of his villain-ness. Heroes, complete with moral outrage and relatable heartbreak. We even created a catchy hashtag–hello, 2014 activism.

This kidnapping story is a simple, engaging, and heart-wrenching narrative. It allows us to point at someone specific and say “HIM. BAD.” It gives us the opportunity to talk about overwhelming topics. It lets us connect because, regardless of how you feel about oil/abortion/Jesus/Harper/Wall Street/capitalism/Congress, we all know stealing and selling people is not cool.

We don’t know that because we’re morally superior, by the way. We know…

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The lake turned over. (If you don’t get that reference, click here ) The past year has been one of big change.

sometimes it's foggy and hard to see the tracks

sometimes it’s foggy and hard to see the tracks in front of you

That was my personal life. A lot of breathing. Feeling. Breathing. Letting go. Breathing…

Professionally, I indicated that I was going to relocate my practice last August. And yet, as I’ve allowed everything to settle… I find this is still not the case. And I’m no longer sure it’s the right time. So for those who’ve been wondering, you can still find me at 3474 N. High Street, with no plans to leave anytime soon.

I love my office. The space, building-mates, location. It all fits well. I also love the All-Life Center for Integrative Well-Being, and look forward to offering workshops there, and perhaps individual sessions as well. But for today, the Clintonville location allows for me to be fully present and engaged in my priorities: self-care, relationships and learning. My clients and students continue to be my main focus, my biggest challenge, and my greatest joy.

On that note, I am inspired (in part due to Urban Acupuncture and their yummy community-based model) to follow through with something I have contemplated since massage school (yes, over a decade)…


Sunfisher Studios is pleased to offer relaxation and therapeutic massage on a sliding scale $40-90, depending on your needs and abilities. You decide what you pay, based on what you can afford. No proof of income is necessary.

You deserve it.

Every body deserves a massage.

sunfisher studios ~ seeking & sharing Light

Sunfisher Studios ~ Seeking & Sharing Light

Our mission is to help you~ be You

a more awake, more engaged, more creative You

a You who moves easier in the world, laughs louder, breathes deeper

Someone who desires to be inspired and to inspire

Dares to be True


Blue skies, Diane

PS> If you want to schedule your next massage right away, just click here.

It’s 20 minutes to midnight on day 6. I’ve written 3 posts for the thirty-one day challenge, which means I’m 3 behind if I don’t start typing…

Blogging can be so challenging sometimes. Maybe because it’s called blogging, sounds soggy and weighty. Anyhoo, it’s not that I can’t think of topics. Even if I couldn’t, Allissa Haines, over at Writing a Blue Streak can help a girl out.

Nope, for me it has to primarily with two things.  Fear and squirrels. The first one is pretty obvious for most of us, so let’s skip to the second. (After a mention of  Orange Acorn’s Weblog and Beyond the Massage Table, our student blog. Both have recent posts about this very topic.) Anyhoo, back to squirrels… I have the attention span of a squirrel sometimes. And after a long (albeit delightful) day of Cognitive Coaching training and coordinating at KCCC Massage, that attention span is even shorter. The teacher in me says ‘finish prepping for class’, the entrepreneur/therapist in me says ‘write, damn it. just write’, and the student says ‘sleep? please!’  I’m opting for 2 & 3 in case you wondered. 😉

To prepare for tonight’s post, I read some of the blogs I follow, decided on a headline and then started writing. About the time I got to the fear and squirrel part, I went to look for “the perfect” picture to use in this post. After 10 minutes, I realized I was perhaps being a bit silly, and should consider the sleep factor.

I’m looking forward to day 5 of the seminar, and to reviewing with the seniors tomorrow night. And yowsa, here comes another long day. Guess my boss was right… I do live, breathe and eat this stuff. Hmmm…

Sweet dreams.

PS: 4 and counting

Go within. Or…  shhhh 😉

Yes, I can be bossy.  Just try it. Come on.

Even if it’s for only five minutes a day, just be quiet with yourself. I know it can be difficult. Try it for one week. I know many of you don’t think you have time for that. I understand. I was raised in a poverty thinking household. But there are 86,400 seconds in every day. EVERY day. And if you just quiet your brain for 300 of those on a regular basis, I’m sure you’d notice a difference.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step back and let go of the outside world.  Be still. If you’re someone who’s near a panic attack at thought of this, then start with just one minute a day.

Here are a few ideas:

Set a timer for 1-5 minutes. That way you might not watch the clock. 😉

Pet your dog or cat.

Hold a rosary, prayer beads or seashell.

Watch a burning candle or bird feeder.

Slowly and softly rub your palms together, noticing what you feel and appreciating these fine tools of yours.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, gently allowing these sounds to disappear into the background of your own breathing.

There is plenty of information about meditation on the web, including at the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). Like anything else, meditation and mindfulness get easier with practice.  Keep trying and find what works for you. And keep me posted!

Blue skies,


PS: This is #3 in the thirty-one day challenge. Yes, I noticed the theme is similar to post #1. Wasn’t intentional, just happen to both be important topics.


There is a big river of change happening in my world right now! Some very exciting and delightful stuff! And yet, ‘bad’ or ‘good’, stress is stress… so my body is reacting in the expected ways…

elevated blood pressure

increased muscle tension

decreased digestive activity

…and more. However, all that aside. I can’t wait!

I am moving my practice. Again. Yes, turns out I’m one of those therapists who moves around. In counting them up, this will make #6 in 9 years, plus the few clients I had at two different homes, so technically it’s 8… I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that, and yet, so what. I have always had a small practice with both short- and long-term clients. Life has happened and I have made choices. And am continually amazed and honored with how far clients will travel to see me. To be clear, I always wanted a small practice. I enjoy only seeing 10-12 clients a week, it allows me to really focus on them. That’s one of things I’ve always loved about massage therapy, the ability to work a part-time flexible schedule and do other things. Turns out mostly what I’ve done is teach massage therapy. Not exactly what I envisioned or thought I wanted, and yet clearly where I’ve belonged.

Having admitted all that about the moves, my blood pressure is higher thinking about this post. Is it cocktail time?

In all of my forty-five years, the longest I’ve lived in one place is six years, the shortest, one night. So, I suppose I’m not really surprised my practice has moved around so much. As it gets slightly less painful to think about, I lean into this new relocation. A true blessing. A home for my business. My soul.

Worth the wait. A place where the land is peaceful and the air fresh. A place where community matters and collaboration count. Something I’ve dreamed of in so many ways. A place to retreat, learn and share. If you’re wondering about the Center:

We are a cooperative of independent, holistically minded practitioners, educators, and service providers.

We come together because collaboration and community are important to us.

Together we can provide for our community, and each other, in a way no one of us could alone.

Movers, know that amazing things are possible! Each experience gives us valuable lessons. Enjoy your steps along the path, and let me know how you’re doing. I’ll keep you posted on my changes too.

By the way, this Bliss Report/Confession is post #2 in a thirty-one day challenge.

After much procrastination and playing with widgets this morning, I eeked out #1 of the Summer Blogging Challenge before heading into the classroom at KCCC Massage.   Hope you enjoy it and pay a little more attention to your breaths today.

Blue skies, Diane

bee breaths.

That title came from the fact that this is only 10/20 posts in the February Blogging Challenge. And then I was reminded of a student’s similar response with an assignment I had given. Satisfactory? she asked.  That’s my grade? That’s not okay. It’s only 50%.

That’s how part of me feels right now. I could have done better. Never good enough. ya ya. (woohoo! sidebar observation: that part of me is smaller than ever!) But hey, guess what? I wrote ten more blog posts than I had this time last month. And I’ve inspired (ummm… assigned) all of our current students and instructors to join me in this blogging “thing”. Actually, several of them are excited (a teacher’s dream come true) and it has been fantastic to read the posts as they come in.

They are required to write one post per month about the given categories. Pretty much free rein.

My goal is to inspire them to find their voices. To improve their written communication skills. To have fun with the amazing technology available. To create community and connection, so that they can thrive ~ personally and professionally.

Every one of my students would probably tell you that I “preach” about a few things.

Love. Of the unconditional variety. It is the foundation for Respect. Which is required in relationships… and they are ALL relationships.

Education. The most important thing a massage therapist can do. For themselves and their clients. Learn. Share. Which leads us to…

Growth. If you don’t work through your own shit, it WILL effect everything. And everyone around you.

And so, we all learn and grow. As students and as teachers. The blogging assignment was a replacement for an earlier assignment, which was simply not as good a teaching tool as this. I’m striving for a 100% with this.

Blue skies,


PS. This was my blog post for March. Found un-posted. In early May. oops…  0%